Books by Linda Buckley-Archer

The Gideon Trilogy

The Time Travelers

The year is 1763. Gideon Seymour, thief and gentleman, is hiding from the villainous Tar Man. Suddenly the sky peels away like fabric, and from the gaping hole fall two curious-looking children.

The Time Thief

An accident with an antigravity machine catapulted Peter Schock and Kate Dyer back to 1763. A bungled rescue attempt leaves Peter stranded in the eighteenth century while a terrifying villain, the Tar Man, takes his place and explodes onto twenty-first-century London.

The Time Quake

Time itself is splintering. If the catastrophic consequences of time travel are now impossible to ignore, Lord Luxon only has eyes for its awesome possibilities. He has his sights set on no lesser prize than America. 

The Many Lives of John Stone

Stella Park has found summer work cataloging historical archives in a remote and beautiful house in Suffolk, England. She wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and her uncertainty only increases upon arriving.

The notebooks she’s organizing span centuries – they begin in the court of Louis XIV in Versailles – but are written in the same hand. Something strange is going on for sure, and Spark’s questions are piling up. Who exactly is John Stone? What connection does he have to these notebooks? And more importantly, why did he hire her in the first place?

“I loved this book. The world it conjures up is so vividly imagined, and John Stone, the mysterious man at its heart, so fascinating and compelling. It’s a licence to imagine, and an invitation to consider deeply what we mean by “lifetime.” Original, thought-provoking and moving, it’s a classic in the mould of LOST HORIZON.”


M.L. Stedman
Author of The Light Between Oceans